What is a Clear Day?

A Clear Day is an all day event (for existing Practice Members) that promotes greater connection and healing. It takes your care with Network Spinal* to a new level.

The Clear Day includes:

  • three entrainments/adjustments (imagine the benefit!)

  • two unique workshops

  • a healthy lunch

There is more benefit to this experience than three isolated entrainments, as each entrainment will build on the last. The Clear Day is designed to enhance your regular care and advance you to a new level progress that you may not otherwise see. It is always an amazing day.

The Clear Day workshops are designed to enhance your experience of healing and connection. Past workshops have featured:

Somato Respiratory Integration (SRI)
A modality created by Donald Epstein D.C., the founder of Network Spinal*, SRI offers an opportunity to experience some of the 12 Stages of Healing. This is a remarkable practice that enhances your healing process and complements Network Care.

Laughter Yoga
Based on the premise that 'laughter is the best medicine' –  explore a part of your experience in a joyous way that has proven to be beneficial, counteracting the neglected physiological effects of stress.

Sound Vibration Healing
Vibration surrounds us and is part of all life. The power of sound energy can bring more calm and harmony into our life.

Benefits of a Clear Day
For those of you who have attended, you already know the benefits. For those of you who have not attended yet, this is your opportunity to discover a new level of wellness.

When the brain/mind/body is able to experience itself in new ways, a new way of being begins. This is what a Clear Day is about. It is a truly unique experience and an opportunity to:

  • improve self-awareness – get in touch with your inner needs and resources

  • learn more about your patterns of tension and ease

  • develop tools for personal transformation

  • enhance spinal and nervous system integrity and wellness

  • improve your confidence and clarity

Why come to a Clear Day?
A Clear Day is a chance for you to be in community with others, which will promote your own healing process. This does not mean it is a social outgoing event, rather it is a process of internal healing, as are your regular entrainments, but enhanced.

The gift of you, together with a group, experiencing this high voltage change of messaging is a new, life changing event. Your body will experience itself differently and you will develop more enhanced strategies within your nervous system to deal with your tensions in new ways.

If you are interested in attending an upcoming Clear Day, please enter your information below and we will send you information about this transformational experience. 

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“I am always amazed at the process, and it is a delight to be a part of your healing and the possibilities brought forth with this care.”

      - Dr. Lynne  McRoberts

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