What is Network Spinal Care?

Network Spinal Care, or Network Spinal* is a systematic approach to entrain the brain to develop strategies to dissipate stress (physical, chemical and/or emotional) in the body. This awareness is created through a light touch applied to the spine so that the brain can awaken to the tension. This awakening creates the opportunity for the brain to connect with, and then develop, strategies for the dissipation of the stored tension.

The practitioner creates an awareness that allows the body to release its own tension. This unique system produces responses that create oscillations in the vertebrae that were previously blocked. These oscillations open up flow of breath and energy. A healing phenomenon known as a wave is produced, which creates communication through the spine and promotes body-mind healing.

What is the intention of Network Spinal*?
To get you to reduce your spinal and body tension. This is done through your body’s ability to connect with the tension and the body development skills to dissipate the tension.

How does Network Spinal* work? The force that gave us life is the force that allows the body to heal. If the body is stressed physically, emotionally or chemically, it will need assistance to heal. When the body is not able to handle the trauma of the situation – an excess of physical, chemical or emotional stress – then the body needs help to heal. The body is constantly working at being in the state of health that it can be at any time. Therefore, it will instantly take new information, utilize it and change its state. The body is dynamic and non-linear and constantly changing. “it can take a small piece of information a light touch applied to the right place ‘at the right time and the right way’ and make dramatic changes.”

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The magic of entrainment

The following short video shows how inanimate objects will entrain and become synchronized, tuning into a harmonious rhythm. It is truly amazing. Give it a look when you have a minute and know that this is an example of some of the magic that happens when you get your nervous system entrained.   

“I am stronger, more inspired, creative, and healthy because of this work.
It has personally helped me to maximize my ability to contribute to others.”

Anthony Robbins, World’s leading authority on peak performance

*Formerly known as Network Spinal Analysis