Benefits of Reorganizational Healing

Discover greater resources – physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

Spinal entrainment offers improved wellness in a variety of areas. In a worldwide study, people receiving this type of care have reported significant improvements in the following areas:

Improved physical state
Less pain and stiffness, fewer allergies, colds and headaches.

Improved mental/emotional state
More positive about oneself, improved mood, mental clarity, reduced anxiety and more positive outlook.

Improved response to stress
Relate more positively to family, relationships, health, finances, work and day-to-day life.

Improved life enjoyment
Stronger intuition, sense of calm and wellbeing, focus, confidence, compassion and capacity for happiness.

Improved overall quality of life
Greater sense of fulfillment at home and work, improved relationships, ability to adapt to life events, look better, feel better.

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Feedback for A Place For Health …

“Network Spinal* constantly challenges me in creating a better sense of myself. It creates an opportunity for growth which I never thought possible.” 

“At this time in my life, I would expect to be feeling older. At age 68, I am pleased to say that I am feeling younger and stronger.”

“Life seems to carry me away at times, being pregnant was no exception. My body feels screwed up like a tight-knotted sheet that two people are trying to bring the water out. The relief I find from Network Spinal* is incredible, my pace slows, I feel more in control of my life.”

“I have found nothing more upsetting in life than to watch my baby with fever, ear infection, or the other many illnesses that children seem to get. To be able to access this beautiful treatment in these troublesome times is so comforting and empowering. My baby’s response is amazing, she relaxes into sleep after the treatment and improves far more quickly!” 

The Patient’s Experience

A Place for Health is a place of kindness, compassion, healing, connection and kinship.
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“Dr. Epstein (founder of Network Spinal*)
inspires us to trust the healing powers within.”

Deepak Chopra MD, Globally recognized expert on natural healing

*Formerly known as Network Spinal Analysis