Improve your life, with help from A Place For Health

Our lives are getting increasingly complex, and we often respond by getting “stressed out”. This leads to increasing mental and physical tension.

It is possible to tap into the innate wisdom of the body-mind and develop strategies to not only respond to the stress in our lives, but learn to thrive.

With Network Spinal*, gentle touches along the spine help the nervous system release stored tension and improve the way it functions. Would you like to enjoy life more? Entrainment can help you breathe fuller and sleep deeper, gain energy and focus, reduce pain and discomfort, make better choices and get more out of life.

Discover greater resources – physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. Network Spinal* can help your brain and nervous system develop strategies to improve all aspects of your life experience.

Experience more fulfillment, reduce pain and stress, connect to yourself and the world, and feel more empowered to make healthy choices. You have the opportunity to get more connected with yourself and your life.

The “entrainments” you participate in as part of the reorganizational healing process simply enable you to tune in your body’s natural healing abilities and let go of old patterns that hinder your growth and development.

Your body-mind will develop wellness promoting strategies via gentle, precise touches to the spine that cue the brain and influence two types of healing waves.

Experience positive changes in your:

  • Physical health

  • Psychological wellbeing

  • Ability to handle stress

  • Creation of healthy habits

  • Enjoyment of life

  • Quality of life

The healing waves help release tension in the spine and also help the spine utilize existing tension to fuel reorganization and wellness. The first is the Respiratory wave, which gently rocks the vertebra to release tension and help correct vertebral subluxations. The second is the Somatopsychic Wave™ (soma for body, psyche for mind or spirit), associated with muscular contraction, which helps to organize various spinal segments.

If you’ve been experiencing pain and tension in your body, or stress leading to a sense of overwhelm, discover a way to feel more focused, calm and empowered.

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“Network Spinal* represents the epitome of bodywork - it is at the leading edge of body/mind/spirit integration. This work will transform the planet.”

Candace Pert. Ph. D., Nobel Laureate, Professor of Research and Brain Biochemistry at Georgetown University


*Formerly known as Network Spinal Analysis