The Patient’s Experience

A Place for Health is a place of kindness, compassion, healing, connection and kinship.

The healing room itself -- open, still, softly lit -- welcomes one with soothing music and offers space and possibilities for improvement in every level of one’s life.

People flow in and out of the room, occupying the six massage tables, the three waiting armchairs, or the privacy of one of the two offices if they prefer. Simply lying on the massage table -- putting aside the burden of “who you are and what you do” for a short while -- makes being there worthwhile.

But at the centre of it all is Doctor Lynne McRoberts, a certified chiropractor and long-time Network Spinal* practitioner, quietly moving from table to table, warmly greeting and kindly listening, advising and encouraging in soft whispers, openly giving of herself and her skills.

She gently touches energy points (gateways) to the bio-electrical field, speaking directly to the body in a code it can understand, and it relaxes and gratefully follows her directions. As energy blockages are removed, the releases can cause a variety of responses, depending on the person: some yawn or cough, others twitch or rock, while others fall into a light sleep. Each one, however, feels held and safe.

But growth and transformation are not limited to the “entrainment ” session itself. As the body and mind process the messages they have received, they respond over a period of days, weeks, or even months. This reflects the whole experience – there is no finite end; everything furthers the process of self-discovery and improvement.

Dr. Lynne’s patients include all ages and degrees of ableness, each one with diverse needs and goals. Some come for short-term help, to relieve a specific problem; some have chosen to allow their entire spine to reshape itself and are regulars. Both groups are given the same amount of time and attention.


Some bring their parents, babies, children, teens, and grandchildren. Going to see Dr. Lynne is a treat for little ones who toss stuffed toys in her office and giggle on the table. Four times a year, she checks their growth, the length of their legs, the alignment of their hips and backs, and removes stress blocks, channeling wayward energy. Children have no resistance, and watching their backs as they visibly move in response to her touches is amazing. What a marvelous advantage to begin life with an aligned body and energized spirit that allow their natural disposition to flourish.

Patients bond with each other through their shared experience of this care, their own desire for betterment, and their sympathy for others’ pain. In the waiting room, they exchange smiles of goodwill, and easy conversations spring up, fostered by a friendly, flexible, and cheerful receptionist who accommodates everyone, even anxious last-minute phone callers.

Network Spinal* offers hope and possibilities where standard Western medicine and drugs do not. For example, our society looks at ageing as an inevitable downward slope of increased disability and suffering that only drugs can alleviate, but that nothing can cure. NSA perceives ageing as caused by blockage (mental, physical, emotional) in the bio-electrical field that can be removed in order for the energy to flow again, allowing the nervous system to function properly and the body to heal itself.

Nor are we accustomed to thinking that we can go backward and fix old problems, yet even early life problems can be revisited. As freed energy channels allow the skeleton and the spine to straighten, the chest to open, and the nervous system to empower and rehabilitate the immune system, one feels freer, lighter, younger, more hopeful and positive: “I inhabit my body differently now,” says one grateful patient “and I would never go back to the old me”.

[We are all wounded by life, but we can all become better.]

D. O’Neill

*Formerly known as Network Spinal Analysis