Why is the nervous system so important?

“Why can’t I keep working 10-hour days at my computer?”

“I don’t understand why my body is giving out on me.”

Everything we do, feel, say, hear and digest happens through the nervous system. It is through your nervous system that you:

  • feel a gentle breeze on your cheek
  • taste your favourite dessert
  • express – and feel – love
  • regulate your breath, digestion, sexual responses, blood pressure … basically all your bodily functions.

Understand the importance – challenges in your life and body equal challenges in your nervous system.
Whether in a state of disease or health, the nervous system should be checked and facilitated to be in the best state of function it can be at all times. It can change your life.

What have you done for your nervous system lately?
Cars and houses need maintenance, care and prevention. Somehow in our society, we have the idea that the body should not flinch no matter what stresses (chemical, physical and emotional) we throw at it.

More and more people are understanding the importance of diet and exercise. It is now time to go further in our commitment to the care of our health. We can now check and assist the function of the nervous system. This will not only affect our health, but also our lives. A healthy spine allows for a body that can change modes from survival to growth posture.

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It is now time to go further in our commitment to the care of our health.